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Spirituality: 1 of 9 Keys to 'Radical Remission' Cancer Cases
Nearly all of the long-term survivors Turner interviewed had taken aggressive steps to boost the nutritional value of their diets—boosting their consumption of fruits, vegetables, organic foods, filtered water and limiting foods such as meat, wheat …
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A toast to meditation: Buddhist groups offer another path to sobriety
The classic 12-step model of sobriety, in which addiction is banished by a spiritual awakening, was introduced in the 1930s, but in recent years it has been subjected to steady criticism. A psychiatrist concluded that no more than 8 percent of people …
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Rehabbing Lives: How One Woman Catalyzes Addiction Treatment with Chassidic
Studies show that a connection to one's religion and spiritual traditions are important components of recovery, so discussions about G‑d and spirituality are frequent at the center. But it's not … (Corresponding to Steps 6-12: serving, giving …

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